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We’re a full-service personal and business letter writing service. There isn’t any professional letter writing we haven’t tackled. Why rack your brain to come up with a letter that's mediocre when you want the best results? Give us a try, and see for yourself. We assure you that you’ll soon trust our freelance writer service with your important professional letter writing, cover letter writing, and document writing needs.


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Susan is inspired when it comes to writing letters. She knows how to find just the right words to reflect what you want to say. She knows and understands the Art of Communicating, so her writing evokes the desired images in the reader's mind. Her letters and documents end up producing the responses and actions you were hoping for. Though my English has improved greatly, I plan to stick with Susan because no one – not even me – can say what I want to say better!
-International Entrepreneur, in US since 2012
My professors in New Delhi were happy to write Letters of Recommendation for my PhD program application. But they asked that I send them the letters for them to sign. I found Susan’s website and detailed my relationship with each professor, what I did in their classes, and what they thought of me. In short order, three distinct, informative and well written letters were ready, and my professors signed off. So easy.
- Doctoral Student from India, Living in Minneapolis
I went through a divorce that left my credit in shambles when my ex-wife ran up all the credit cards with my name on them. I knew I could submit a defense statement of 100 words to the Credit Bureaus. But what could I say in only 100 words that would be convincing? Susan wrote such a persuasive statement that my creditors changed their tune. Soon I was able to buy a new car and get on with my life.
- Sales & Training Manager, New York City
My Condo Board wanted me to remove my expensive new mahogany door. Then they demanded that I remove my satellite dish. After they got a super forceful letter by "Your LetterWriter" they backed down. And they’ve been quiet ever since.
- Ballroom Dance Instructor, Chicago
My business partner’s irresponsible behavior threatened my equity in the company and my livelihood. Your LetterWriter put together a letter that sounded like it was written by a lawyer. It led to a satisfactory resolution that protected me and left my resources and my clients intact.


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